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Network Services WS 2010/2011




Practical Part

184.163 VU Service Level Agreements WS 2013/2014

"Will Government Alter The Cloud SLA Game?" | copyright


Summary of the Lecture

Please note: new title of the lecture (instead of Network Services) since WS2013/2014

The content of this website is subject to change and extend without notice - until the start of the lecture (19th November). The intention of the website is to give potential students overview about the structure and goals of the lecture even in the early stage of the course development.

This course provides an overview of current technologies, standards, and concepts for network services. The students should adopt basic knowledge necessary to understand, develop, and to apply different technologies and standard to relize network services (e.g., Service Level Agreements) in various application areas (e.g. Cloud computing, SOA, etc.). The lecture will be held in either german or english language (depending on the liking of the audience). All written material such as assignments, tests, slides or further reading will be provided in english language.

In the theoretical part of the lecture we will cover following topics:

  • SLA languages, concepts, standards
  • SLAs in different programming models (components, workflows, etc.)
  • SLA management e.g., autonomic management, enforcement and enactment
  • SLA negotiation models: auctions, negotiation protocols, meta negotiation, negotiation
  • SLA compliance management: models, languages, middleware
  • SLAs in Clouds: bootstrapping, mapping, etc.
  • SLAs and markets: managing market liquidity
  • SLAs and emerging SOA/Cloud business models

In the practical part the students will have to implement, deploy, and test a (prototype) application or middleware related to, and embedded into one of our research projects:

Check out tentative lab project topics.

The practical part will consist of one assignments. Lab project will be announced according to the lecture and lab schedule.

For the course a registration in TISS (Until November 15th 2012) is necessary. For any questions on the lecture please contact Ivona Brandic.

Maximum Number of Students

For organisatorial reasons the course is restricted to at most 50 students. Registration are given out first come - first served, according to registrations in TUWIS++. Please do not register for the course if you are not honestly interested in doing it.

Necessary Prior Knowledge

Students enrolling to this course should have the following prior knowledge:

Must have:

Nice to have:

  • Basic knowledge of Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures.

Generally, during the course it will be assumed that students have reasonable programming skills and know their way around in the distributed system area.


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