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Classes in with type parameters of type ContextEventAction
 class Actions<T extends ContextEventAction>
          Class which defines a list of ContextEventActions and makes possible to manipulate and retrieve ContextEventAction.

Classes in that implement ContextEventAction
 class CurrentAction
          Class which defines a action that is currently being executed on an event.
 class DefaultAction
          Class which defines a default action that can be executed on an event.
 class ProcessedAction
          Class which defines an already processed action that was executed on an event.
 class UnprocessedAction
          Class which defines an action that will be executed on an event.

Methods in that return ContextEventAction
 ContextEventAction BaseEvent.getAction(int index)
          Return the ContextEventAction at specified index.
 ContextEventAction[] BaseEvent.getActions()
          Return all currently added ContextEventActions.
 ContextEventAction[] Actions.getAll()
          Return all currently added ContextEventActions.

Methods in with parameters of type ContextEventAction
<S extends T>
Actions.append(S... actions)
          Append specified ContextEventActions.
protected  void BaseEvent.set(ContextEventAction... actions)
          Remove all previously added ContextEventActions and add specified ContextEventActions.
 void Actions.setAll(T... actions)
          Add specified ContextEventActions and remove all previous ContextEventActions.

Uses of ContextEventAction in

Methods in that return types with arguments of type ContextEventAction
static ListMarshaller.Builder<ContextEventAction> ContextEventActionMarshaller.getListBuilder()
          Creates instance of ListMarshaller.Builder for ContextEventActions.

Methods in with parameters of type ContextEventAction
 void ContextEventActionMarshaller.marshal(ContextEventAction action)
          Marshals specified ContextEventAction into the Element.

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