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Fields in with type parameters of type CurrentAction
static UnmarshallerBuilder<CurrentAction> XMLContextEvent.CURRENT_ACTION
          The UnmarshallerBuilder for the CurrentAction of a XMLContextEvent.

Methods in that return CurrentAction
 CurrentAction BaseEvent.getCurrentAction()
          Return the CurrentAction.

Constructors in with parameters of type CurrentAction
ProcessedAction(CurrentAction action)
          Create instance of ProcessedAction from specified CurrentAction.

Uses of CurrentAction in

Methods in that return CurrentAction
 CurrentAction CurrentActionUnmarshaller.unmarshal()
          Unmarshals a CurrentAction from the Element.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type CurrentAction
static ListUnmarshaller.Builder<CurrentAction> CurrentActionUnmarshaller.getListBuilder()
          Creates instance of ListUnmarshaller.Builder for CurrentActions.

Methods in with parameters of type CurrentAction
 void CurrentActionUnmarshaller.marshal(CurrentAction action)
          Marshals specified CurrentAction into the Element.

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