Interface Summary
ContextEventAction Interface which defines an action that can be executed on a BaseEvent .

Class Summary
Actions<T extends ContextEventAction> Class which defines a list of ContextEventActions and makes possible to manipulate and retrieve ContextEventAction.
BaseEvent Class which contains the meta-data for base events.
ContextEvent Class which contains meta-data for all context events.
ContextEventType Class which defines type for each ContextEvent, i.e.
CurrentAction Class which defines a action that is currently being executed on an event.
DefaultAction Class which defines a default action that can be executed on an event.
ProcessedAction Class which defines an already processed action that was executed on an event.
UnprocessedAction Class which defines an action that will be executed on an event.
XMLContextEvent Class which must be used to wrap a Document event so COPAL can inject Event Element as needed for processing of the event.
XMLContextEventType Class which defines type for each XMLContextEvent, i.e.

Enum Summary
XMLContextEvent.Property Retrievable property marshaled in a XMLContextEvent.

Exception Summary
MalformedDocumentException Exception when a Document representing a XMLContextEvent is malformed.

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