Interface Marshaller<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the class of marshaled value.
All Known Implementing Classes:
AttributeName, AttributeValue, Criteria, DefaultActionName, DefaultActionRequirement, Event, Event, Name, Name, Name, Name, Namespace, Priority, ProcessorActionEventType, ProcessorActionName, ProcessorActionResultType, RootElement, SchemaURL, SourceID, TimeToLive, XMLAttribute, XMLAttributes, XMLContextListener, XMLContextListeners, XMLContextProcessor, XMLContextProcessors, XMLContextPublisher, XMLContextPublishers, XMLContextQueries, XMLContextQuery, XMLDefaultAction, XMLDefaultActions, XMLProcessedEventQuery, XMLProcessorAction

public interface Marshaller<T>

Interface for commands that can marshal instances of class T.


Method Summary
 void marshal(T obj)
          Marshalls specified instance of class T.

Method Detail


void marshal(T obj)
Marshalls specified instance of class T.

obj - the instance to be marshaled.

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