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Methods in that return ProcessorAction
 ProcessorAction[] ActionsMethod.getActions()
          Returns ProcessorActions handled by this Actions Method.
 ProcessorAction[] ContextProcessor.getActions()
          Returns the ProcessorAction which this ContextProcessor can process.
 ProcessorAction[] BaseProcessor.getActions()

Methods in with parameters of type ProcessorAction
 boolean ActionsMethod.canBeInvokedWith(ProcessorAction action, ContextEvent event)
          Returns if specified ProcessorAction with specified ContextEvent can be invoked with this Actions Method.
 ContextEvent[] ActionsMethod.invoke(ProcessorAction action, ContextEvent event)
          Invokes the underlying Actions Method for specified ProcessorAction with specified ContextEvent.
 ContextEvent[] ContextProcessor.process(ProcessorAction action, ContextEvent event)
          This method is called when a ContextEvent occurs which needs specified ProcessorAction to be executed on it that this ContextProcessor can handle.
 ContextEvent[] AnnotatedProcessor.process(ProcessorAction action, ContextEvent event)
          Invokes all Actions Methods of the underlying annotated processor that can handle specified ContextEvent.

Constructors in with parameters of type ProcessorAction
BaseProcessor(java.lang.String name, ProcessorAction... actions)
          Creates an instance of BaseProcessor with specified name and ProcessorActions as return values for BaseProcessor.getName() and BaseProcessor.getActions() methods respectively.

Uses of ProcessorAction in

Methods in that return ProcessorAction
 ProcessorAction ProcessorActionUnmarshaller.unmarshal()
          Unmarshals a ProcessorAction from the Element.
 ProcessorAction[] ContextProcessorMarshaller.unmarshalActions()
          Unmarshals ProcessorActions of ContextProcessor from the Element.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type ProcessorAction
static ListUnmarshaller.Builder<ProcessorAction> ProcessorActionUnmarshaller.getListBuilder()
          Creates instance of ListUnmarshaller.Builder for ProcessorActions.

Methods in with parameters of type ProcessorAction
 void ProcessorActionUnmarshaller.marshal(ProcessorAction action)
          Marshals specified ProcessorAction into the Element.

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