Interface Observer<E extends java.lang.Enum<?>,T>

Type Parameters:
E - the type of change represented as an Enum.
T - the type of changed object.
All Known Subinterfaces:
DeadLetterChannel.ChannelObserver, QueryObserver, RegistryObservable.RegistryObserver<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
BasePublisher, EsperPublishing, ListenersActivator, NotifiersActivator, PolledPublisher, RESTfulPublisher, SimplePublisher, XMLEventNotifier

public interface Observer<E extends java.lang.Enum<?>,T>

Interface for classes that want to be used as observers of an BaseObservable.


Method Summary
 void update(E change, T object)
          Called when specified change happened on specified object.

Method Detail


void update(E change,
            T object)
Called when specified change happened on specified object.

change - the change.
object - the changed object.

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