Interface Unmarshaller<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the class of unmarshaled value.
All Known Implementing Classes:
ArrayElement, AttributeName, AttributeValue, Criteria, DefaultActionName, DefaultActionRequirement, Event, Event, Event, Events, Name, Name, Name, Name, Namespace, OptionalAttributeUnmarshaller, Priority, ProcessorActionInput, ProcessorActionName, ProcessorActionOutput, RequiredAttributeUnmarshaller, RootElement, SchemaURL, SourceID, TimeToLive, XMLAttribute, XMLAttributes, XMLDefaultAction, XMLDefaultActions, XMLProcessedEventQuery, XMLProcessorAction, XMLProcessorActions

public interface Unmarshaller<T>

Interface for commands that can unmarshal instances of class T.


Method Summary
 T unmarshal()
          Unmarshalls an instance of class T.

Method Detail


T unmarshal()
            throws ContextException
Unmarshalls an instance of class T.

an unmarshalled instance.
ContextException - if unmarshalling was unsuccessful.

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