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SECO2: Service Contract Compatibility


Recently, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model has been increasingly supported, becoming a major part of the new emerging cloud computing paradigms. Although SaaS exists in different forms, supporting and providing SaaS developed based Web services has attracted a large effort from industries and academics because this form of SaaS allows software to be easily composed and integrated to offer new services for customers. Even though various service composition techniques, based on functional and non-functional parameters, have been proposed, the issue of service contract compatibility has been neglected. This issue is of paramount importance in the Web services-based SaaS model because services are provided by different providers, associated with different contracts which are defined by different specifications. The SECO2 proposes techniques for supporting service composers to deal with the heterogeneity of service contracts in service composition. These techniques support (i) modeling and mapping different service contract specifications, (ii) the evaluation of service contract compatibility, (iii) the recommendation for service contracts associated with service composition, (iv) user-specified service contract-based composition.

See also our SOD1 - Service-Oriented Data and Computation Fusion research activities.


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