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SOD1 - Service-Oriented Data and Computation Fusion

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According to the wikipedia, SOD1, Superoxide dismutase 1, "is a human protein and gene. [...] SOD1 binds copper and zinc ions and is one of three isozymes responsible for destroying free superoxide radicals in the body.". SOD1 is also known as CuZnSOD.

SOD1 is vital for our life and everyone needs it, just the data is vital in all science and engineering disciplines. Copper is used to wire things together but it is also used in integrated circuits and electricity grid, so it could represent the concepts of network, computation and utility. Next to copper in the periodic table, Zinc is an vital element required for sustaining all life. And in sustainable life, everything is interconnected. By removing free superoxide radicals in living organisms, CuZnSOD helps to create a sustainable life. Therefore, CuZnSOD can be used to represent Systems Of Data and Computation for sustaining life, but it can be used to describe the Service-Oriented Data and Computation Fusion which will help scientist to solve obstacles preventing us to achieve a sustainable life. SOD1 can also mean Services of Data as the First class

One may have a different interpretation of the above message or one might not agree with us but what we would like to say is that by using service-oriented technologies we could help to integrate a vast sources of data and compute resources for supporting scientists to perform their research. Our motivation is that currently computational science and engineering scientists from different disciplines face a big challenge in sharing their data, models and application capabilities to support reproducible experiments while retaining their rights, such as privacy and licensing, and complying with the rules of using these data, models and application capabilities.

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