TeCoS / SeCoS -

Reliable and Secure Operation of Service-Based Systems


Problem Description

In recent years, the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has emerged as a means to create loosely coupled distributed cross-organizational applications. Particularly in enterprise environments, service-based applications and business processes operate under specific constraints regarding reliability and security. Therefore, ensuring the correct behavior of service-based systems (SBS) is a key concern, both with regard to functional requirements (Does the SBS operate and process the data correctly?) and non-functional requirements, particularly security and access control (Does the SBS comply with the security constraints imposed by the business application?). In this work, we follow a rigid research approach towards these issues and focus on well-structured and sophisticated methodologies for providing reliable and secure operation of SBSs.

This project embraces two orthogonal efforts that are summarized under the terms TeCoS and SeCoS: