Research Topics

My current research interests revolve mainly around Software Engineering applied to self-adaptive systems; therefore I span across design, modeling, testing, verification, and validation. Lately I focused my research on a specific instantiation of self-* systems that are named elastic computing systems; in particular, the ones that run inside cloud infrastructures.

I am always looking for collaborations, co-authorships and project partners, as well as students… so do not be afraid to contact me.

Testing elastic computing systems

Elastic computing systems are gaining momentum thanks to the explosion of clouds. More and more people and companies move towards their adoption for implementing business critical systems that can  provide consistent QoS while minimizing their running costs.

Given these premises, it’s critical to have clear, systematic, and effective methodologies to test if elastic computing systems meet their user requirements: Do the system scale fast enough? Do they contract at the right time to the most suitable scale? Are they safe (no oscillations, divergent behaviors, emergent behaviors,…)?

Methodologies must be backed-up by specific tools that support testers to define interesting test cases, setup the testing environment, execute the tests, collect the results, and finally check if the system behaved as specified.


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