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Continuous Development in the Cloud

Cloud computing enables the design of ultra-optimized, cost-effective continuous development, integration, deployment and delivery, environments.

Those environments leverage automation for testing the code and dynamic resource allocation for make it cost-effective.

However, at the current stage there is no support for development of cloud-based applications that involves the creation of virtual images.

I am looking for a Master student to investigate the problem of “Optimizing Continuous Development Environments for the Cloud-based applications”.

If you are interested, contact me.

Mocking The Cloud

When it comes to test applications and software systems that work on, or with, clouds developers resort to real running systems to execute test (i.e. real clouds). This makes difficult to implement a truly test-driven development because the real systems and stable implementations are not always readily available, and test execution may takes an extremely huge amount o time.

Proper mocks of clouds would benefit as they enable faster and practical execution of tests in pre-production environments.

Challenges arise in deciding on how to mock clouds (specific APIs vs generic interfaces) what property to mock (Start/stop VM vs Full fletdged mock), and more.

If you are interested in working on this topic, contact me.

Cloud-based Elastic Testing

Systems that exploit Cloud infrastructures to elastically scale in order to provide consistent QoS in front of fluctuating workloads are able to dynamically acquire and release resources.

Testing such systems is challenging because testers may need to generate a time varying (and usually very large) amount of requests to stress them. Moreover, as testers will rely on Cloud infrastructures they need to use the least amount of resources as possible to generate the load, as they will be billed ”by the machine” (that is per virtual machine used). These require new tools to elastically generate the load according to testers need.

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