Extending JOPera with Persistence Layer

JOpera is an extensible, java-based process engine, and is a central component of our tools on automation of experiments in the Cloud.

We need to extend the engine to allow a distributed and scalable persistence layer. This is one of the main requisite that we need to fulfill in order to create an elastic version of the JOpera engine that can automatically scale in clouds infrastructures.

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One thought on “Extending JOPera with Persistence Layer

  1. admin

    We implemented the persistence layer of the JOpera engine using several technologies ranging from vanilla JDBC (MySQL) to state of art NoSQL and K-V stores.
    For example we provided implementations based on (the list is not complete):
    - Voldemort
    - Cassandra
    - Hbase
    - Cloudy (Prototype developed at ETH Zurich)
    - MongoDB

    Now is time to evaluate which one fits better for the purpose !

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