How to / F.A.Q. ?

How To

  1. … get more information about a project?

    To get more information of one or more project published in the blog you can send an email to the project host, i.e., the person that published the post and will advise you during the development.

  2. … express my interest on the project ?

    You can express interest on a topic/project by notify the project host directly via email.

  3. … have the project assigned?

    Convince the person you will work with (and not for !) that you are the right one for the job: motivated, interested, and reliable.

  4. … obtain a login for this blog?

    If you’ll be assigned to any project and you will receive your password to access and post on this blog.


  • Can I propose a new topic/project to work on?

    Yes, you can; however, your proposal will be evaluated, and if good, eventually accepted. Not all ideas, although interesting, are good choices for Praktika and Thesis. Note it would be easier (and well accepted) if you can formulate some interesting idea in the context of one of the proposed topic.

  • Can I be paid to work on a project?

    Sometimes. Depending on the project, any availability of funds, and the sole decision of the professor the will advise you, there might be the chance to get paid for the time spent on the project.

  • Do I have a deadline to complete the work?

    Officially the regulations do not say so, and in general it’s better that everybody takes its time to complete the job: we are in Academia in the end ! This, however, should not be taken as an excuse to procrastinate your work… Remember that other people depend on your work. For this reason, applicants that ‘informally’ agree to finish within some deadline (to be discussed on a personal basis – of course) will be preferred to others that do not respect or setup a project deadline. Note: this not applies to applicants that are paid during their work; in this case, you must respect deadline.

  • Can I have a place in the DSG group during my work?

    We encourage students to work side by side with us, therefore, if possible we will host students during their work with us. For a number of reasons, this makes projects running quite smooth.

  • I am a Master student that wish to join the PhD program (in the next semester/year), should I mention that?

    Yes ! No matter if you want to join DSG, other research group, or even an other university  for your PhD, remember to tell us about this. You will have a chance to taste a bit of being a PhD, and you will need a reference letter form us. Moreover, nothing tells people you will be a successful PhD as a well done Master Thesis.

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