Apple all over again

We’ve had our fair share of Applesque experiences over the last couple of months. Our first free app – iSENDu – faced rejects because of “iPhone-like” symbols in an iPhone app that shares data between (and exclusively between ) iPhones, the alleged use of private APIs and so on. We overcame all these obstacles and got iSENDu into the store, after several months in the review cycle and a phone call by Steve from Apple California. However, we submitted an iSENDu update two days ago and have entered the iSENDu review cycle again…

In parallel, we wrote a free app – Event_Seeker – for company called Volume. We plan to market the app and therefore looked through the marketing guidelines for developers. They state precisely how one must use Apple’s artwork and what one can do with the artwork and what not. To our surprise, we found a paragraph stating that we must send the marketing material to Apple for approval. OK, we thought, Apple says so, ikangai does so. The email address is generic (of course) and is a bit hidden in the document. It took us quite a while to actually identify the email address.

This was two weeks ago – with an update email with new content more than one week ago. So far, we haven’t heard anything from Apple. Looks like that we are finding ourselves in another black hole review cycle.

your black hole exploring ikangai team

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