PR Firefox QR Barcode Plugin Status Report 3

What I did the last days is creating a Microformat Action User Script for Operator.

“Microformats are small patterns of HTML to represent commonly published things like
people, events, blog posts, reviews and tags in web pages.”

Operator lets you interact with those Microformats and with Action User Scripts new actions can be added to Operator. Creating Action User Scripts is pretty simple. You just have to specify on which Microformat an Action User Script acts on and implement the doAction which executes the action. A tutorial can be found here.

The user script I created takes people,events or geocoordinates and encodes them as q·.:Card and q·.:Launchcode, respectively. The only problem i came across was parsing ISO 8601 dates. As Firefox’s Date.parse function is not capable of parsing some variations of ISO 8601 I used this function instead.

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