Concours Worldvision de la q·.:Launcher

The Concours Worldvision de la q·.:Launcher is already entering it’s second week. The United States of America are still in lead with 54 points by a comfortable margin, followed by Austria with 16 points (a big thank you goes to the Austrian voters) and the UK who is slowly loosing ground on Austria with 13 points.
While the top 5 remain stable, there were some spectacular changes in the midfield: in an unprecedented chain of events, South Korea gained 13 positions and now holds on to the 10th place. Brazil closes in on Germany with 6 points. And with Malaysia and Romania two new contestants entered, which brings the number of contestants to 32.
Your country is not listed ? Or not happy with your countries performance? Well, then help your county collecting points by downloading q·.:Launcher or q·.:CARD from the iTunes Store.

your voting ikangai team

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