Writing Scientific Papers

Successful ICSE 2011 paper submission of ikangai :-) . Our Apps q·.:Launcher and q·.:Card are now part of a scientific paper :-) .

Shopper App [Update], Backgroundtasks, Services, AsyncTasks #7

Hello, This will be just a short post in order to discuss background tasks on android. In my last post, when i showed you the code which is responsible for creating a new groupname on the shopper server, i said that this is just a little task which should not be much timeconsuming, so that [...]

Shopper App, Hello Android #6

Welcome, to the 6th posting. The serverside implementation isn’t really finished at all but now it’s time to begin with the android client I will finish those things which are missing on the serverside when it is needed. ANDROID I will develop and test my application on a Samsung Galaxy S. If needed one could [...]


Creation of a Web Tool for the Creation of SOAF profiles.

HpS on facebook marketplaces part 6

Hello and welcome to my 6th post already in this blog. Last time I made my way to package and deploy my web service by calling a page on the server. Now I built a service client for the web service and made the service have access to a database. Developing the web-service First of [...]

Datenverarbeitung XML-Soap

Das letzte Mal war ich damit beschäftigt die Daten in XML-Soap Format als Request zu versenden. Dabei gestaltete sich die serverseitige Datenverarbeitung als schwierig. Zwar gibt es ausreichend Literatur hinsichtlich Verarbeitung eines Requests, wenn dieser ebenfalls von einem Php Script erfolgt, jedoch keine(zumindest konnte ich nichts finden), wenn der Request im einem “normalen” XML-Soap Format [...]

Embedding Micro Service Workflows in Web Content #5

Hello, I’ve managed to complete the plugin with all the described features (and some minor drawbacks) so this is gonna be my last post on this topic I guess. My last post was mainly about defining and assigning values to variables via the abbr-design-pattern. I also explained that only primitive variables can be defined this [...]

Shopper app #5 – server side overview

Welcome, to the 5th posting about the shopper app. This time, we will take a little look at the server side implentation of the Restful Services which are running inside the google app engine. At the time the serverside code is structured into six packages: com.bernwarmuth.shopper; com.berndwarmuth.shlpper.jdo; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.jdo.entities; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.rest.converters; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.rest.resources; com.berndwarmuth.shopper.utils; The com.berndwarmuith.shopper.jdo.entities package is [...]

HpS on Facebook Marketplaces – Update

Since I wanted to dive more deeply into the axis2 framework I bought the book “Java Web Services mit Apache Axis2″ (which I should have done much earlier!). It helped me understand some things I didn’t really get so far. For example the manual deployment of a service into axis2 is really easy: provide the [...]

Web Sticker – Final

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video… You can download a PDF with addional infos about the prototype. The source can be found here. And the extension can be downloaded from here. – DSG