Shopper app | CustomArrayAdapter in SelectParticipants-Activity #10

Hello, welcome to the next post. Today, I going to discuss how to use dialog boxes on the Android platform. As shown on the screen below, a user can select participants of his group which should be assigned to the current purchase. This is a typical example of user feedback where users can make choices [...]

Using Twitter for Team Collaboration

Twitter for Team Collaboration – simplicity rules ;-) .

How to use Twitter for Project Communication

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Twitter Client with Filter and Parser Functionality

The goal of the Praktikum/Bachelor Thesis is to write a twitter client that supports the (1) organization of tweets into user defined channels (e.g., tweets of friends, work related tweets or news tweets) and (2) the parsing of tweets for hash tags to invoke local programs like mail, calendar or to invoke remote services. The [...]

Web-based User Interface for Data Aggregation Platform

This project aims at developing a Web application that serves as a front end (GUI) for a Web services data aggregation platform that is currently being developed at our institute. The platform aggregates (collects, selects and transforms) data from heterogeneous, distributed Web services and documents. A prototype of the GUI already exists and it will [...]

Using URL schemata to bind and invoke Services on mobile devices – Introduction

Using URL schemata to bind and invoke Services on mobile devices – ikangai’s first public paper.

Android Shopper app, next steps #9

Welcome, Time passes by and the android client’s getting bigger This post is about a few changes and new implemented functionalities on the shopper clientside. Creating a group When a user wants to create a group, which other members can join there is a need for an “authentication” so that not everyone can join a [...]

Stony ground on the Google App Engine, Shopper app #8

Hello A couple of days ago, I tried to deploy the GAE webapplication to the google appspot. What hat happened? Well… Nothing While the webservice-applciation works fine on my local machine nothing seemed to run on the GAE appspot. Hmm not so cool Trying to find the error, and fix it costed me a lot [...]

Clientseitige Datenverarbeitung von XML-Soap

Derzeit arbeite ich an der clientseitigen Datenverarbeitung, das auf Javascript basiert. Im letzten Bericht wurde überlegt eventuell einen Parser für das WSDL zu schreiben, um automatisch z.B. ein HTML Formular zu generieren, was aber unnötig ist, da nicht immer alle Webservices in Anspruch genommen werden und somit unnötig aufwändig wäre. Es sollte reichen ein z.B. [...]


Hi and welcome to my new post! Since my last post I implemented the main app as entry point for self-made services and the babysitter service in a way I thought it could be useful and enrich the user experience. I designed the service to have two seperate interfaces, one for users who want to [...]