Shopper App | Show Purchases #12

A lot of techniques and principles comes together when it comes to load the current purchases from the webservice, display it in a user-friendly way on the smartphone and provide a navigation like ‘pagination’. On this screen the user has  the possibility to display the current purchases and the items of each purchase. Moreover the [...]

Shopper App | local storage (SQLite) #11

Hello, Shopper app does not have many data which could be stored in a local database, because it gets most of the data from our webservices. I make use of the android built-in SQLite database for one purpose. Many items are going to be reused, respectively, you can imagine that for instance a member of [...]

PR QR Barcode Extension for Google Chrome #1

Hello everyone! My name is Fritz and my task for this Praktikum is to write an QR Barcode extension for Google’s Chrome Browser. The extension should give the user the ability to create QR Barcodes for various web page content, including URLs (video, image, mailto etc.), selected text and Microformats. First off I set up [...]