PR QR Barcode Extension for Google Chrome #1

Hello everyone!

My name is Fritz and my task for this Praktikum is to write an QR Barcode extension for Google’s Chrome Browser. The extension should give the user the ability to create QR Barcodes for various web page content, including URLs (video, image, mailto etc.), selected text and Microformats.

First off I set up an development environment consisting of a Subversion repository, Google Chrome (of course :) ) and a JavaScript IDE called Aptana, which I use as an Eclipse Plugin.

After that I read Google’s Getting Started-Guide on Chrome Extension Development, wrote a manifest.json and a HTML page for the “browser action”-popup. Now the extension can be loaded into Google Chrome (developer mode) and looks like this:

Look of the QR Barcode Extension (1st version)

In the next step I will have to study how to code JavaScript to add some functionality to the extension. Stay tuned :)

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