ASE – Kickoff Meeting

The official ASE project kickoff took place today. We discussed initial project activities like the definition of required program features for the Android implementation of our Apps (q·.:Card and q·.:Launcher).

Our initial project plan foresees that we finish the first prototype by Christmas – thus the work has to start immediately ;-) . Among the first things to do, is to get familiar with the Android Platform and to find material that is helpful in the project. This should happen in the next two weeks and the material will be collected in a public available document that serves as tutorial for the Android Platform.

The next steps are to define the initial software architecture and to create the corresponding documents (UML diagrams). We plan to have the first version of the Scanner and Parser framework by the middle of November, before we start with the actual implementation of the Apps.

And of course, we all need to get familiar with our tools, especially with short twitter messages like this:
#ase_2010_11 - #technical #barcode #reader #generator - zxing:

your ikangai ASE Team

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