Implementing a QR Code Reader as Firefox Extension Part 2

Hi, it’s me again with an update of my work.
In my last entry I forgot to mention that I am using Spket IDE to edit my Mozilla Firefox Plugin files. Furthermore, I use flashdevelop and the free Flex 4.1 SDK for editing the Actionscript3 files.
My next step is to make sure that the actionscript framework I am going to work with is working properly for my purposes. I did a Web research and I found an open source project “Spark” that suits my requirements.

After I finally got some working webcams (Logitech V-UAM14A and Logitech V-UBC40), I could try to test a sample actionscript and created my own Flash (.swf) file. First, I had issues with my webcam, because it wasn’t able to focus on the QR Code correctly, (I own an Eyetoy camera for Playstation 2  and it only has a manual focus, by turning a wheel at the lens). My new webcam is able to automatically focus on the QR code and works correctly.

Now to a short introduction to the actionscript, that detects QR codes and encodes them. Everyone with a webcam can try the sample here
It took me some time to get that actionscript3 file working. First I wanted to compile it with Adobe Flash CS3 by creating a new .fla file and add the script on the first frame of the timeline, but the compilation didn’t work. After some research, I learned that it is easier to use flashdevelop and the free Flex SDK for editing and building my files. I downloaded the newest versions, compiled the sample and created a .swf file which I can now easlily include in xul as a html tag.

Everything is working smoothly, so now I have to adapt the existing code and find out how to start the parser application with actionscript with the already encoded data.

Bye for now!

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