Project Tokyo – ikangai’s perspective as a customer

Project Tokyo enters its third week and there are some aspects that work quite well, while some others require improvements.

First of all, Twitter communication works very well. It appears that all project members are using Twitter for the exchange of project related communication which allows us to track project related activities.

The overall project documentation is still work in progress – there are some parts that are currently missing or are incomplete (Gantt charts, working lists, overall project plan with milestones). So far, it’s difficult to tell, by looking at the documentation, if the project is on track or lagging behind. Twitter alone does not provide us with the needed information. We believe that a biweekly executive summary (half a page, hours spent, hours left, next milestone) of the activities can us give the information that is needed for us to track the overall project progress.

On a positive note, all project members appear to be able to make their own decisions on a technical level and to have the required technical expertise. However, there are some areas which can be improved. For example, if there are several ways to solve a technical problem, we from ikangai would expect to have a list of pro/cons for each potential solution. Thus, we expect to the team members to work on their own on the problem and to provide potential solutions, which can be discussed with ikangai in order to make a final decision.

All in all, after roughly two weeks of project work, we realize that the project setting (students being paid by ikangai and getting credits from university) requires some additional effort: we need to communicate our requirements and expectations clearer and the project communication between all parties needs to be professionalized – with updated project documentation from all parties.

After all, we invest considerable time and money (at least for startup like ikangai) into this project (which started out of interest) and we want it to be successful :-) .

We currently rate the project on our projectometer as B-.

your ikangai project tokyo team

PS: The projectometer is rating tool which is updated every two weeks and provides a rating (A to F) concerning the project progress and the level of satisfaction from the customer’s perspective.

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