Doodle @ Twitter

The integration of the doodle Restful API into Twitter is the goal of the Praktikum. Users should be able to create doodle polls by simply Tweeting a a request for the creation of a doodle poll:

SR #service doodle.create hashtags

After the poll was created, the result should be posted follows:

RE @#service:doodle.create url hashtags

The url points to the newly created doodle poll. New options should be able to be added by tweeting a request to the originator of the doodle poll:

SR @#service:doodle.createOption date:time url hashtags

Users should be able to select an option by tweeting their favorite option:

SR @#service:doodle.selectOption date:time url

The Twitter client must be able to parse the data and to call the required functions of the doodle Rest API. It can be implemented either as Web App or as mobile App for the iPhone or Android.

Tools to use:

Javascript, Java, Restful Services, Doodle API, Objective-C

Research Area:

Workflows, Crowdsourcing, Tweetflows


Martin Treiber

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