PR QR Barcode Extension for Google Chrome #5

I have created a UML Class diagram, for better understanding on how the QR Barcode Extension works.

  • PopupController: All actions provided by the browser action popup of the extension (Detail view, Options, QR from URL, Microformats) are processed by the functions of this class.
  • DetailViewController: Generates the content of the detail view page of the last QR code created.
  • OptionsController: Generates the content of the extension’s option page and stores changes made by the user.
  • BackgroundController: Core class of the extension. Generates QR codes and delegates payload encoding to other classes.
  • QrPopupController: Initializes the popup window displayed after creating a QR code, also computes on-the-fly encoding changes requested by the user.
  • Qcode: Encodes payload to q.:-Code.
  • Microformats: Opens the popup window showing Microformats embedded in the current active page. Delegates q.:-Code creation of Microformats to BackgroundController/Qcode.
  • Constants: Provides constants and parameters for internal configuration of the extension.

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