An der schönen blauen Donau

Happy new Year! –

DSG Quarterly Galaxy Tab Client

The goal of the Praktikum is the implementation of a reader that is able to display the content of the DSG Quarterly (currently in develoment). The hardware is available – for the time of the Praktikum you can borrow a brand new Galaxy Tab from the Distributed Systems Group. Tools to use: Galaxy Tab, Android [...]

Code Snippet of the Week: Writing a simple Twitter iPhone Client

Simple iPhone Twitter Client Source Code –

DSG Student Quarterly

Distributed Systems Quarterly –

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas –

Crowdlearning with Students

Crowdsourcing in the context of teaching at university – let students learn from each other –

Project Tokyo QRCode Scanner

Decoding qrcodes on android:

Status Net Based Tweetflow Engine

The control of the execution of Tweetflows requires a centralized point of control. The goal of the Praktikum is to implement a Plugin for StatusNet which supports the monitoring of the execution of the Tweetflow and management of Tweetflow variables. Tweetflow variables should be created by Tweeting a definition like this: Access to the Tweetflow [...]

GlassFish and MySQL, A Perfect Combination for Web Applications

This post is a summary of an article that discusses the use of MySQL and Glassfish in the context of Web Applications. Why MYSQL and Glassfish? They are fast, reliable, and easy to use. Both provide an excellent, low-cost solution for quickly developing and deploying web applications They are not only secure and reliable, but [...]

Tweetazoid @ Youtube

Tweetazoid is finsihed – the last step was the creation of a Youtube video that shows how the prototype works: