Private Microblogging Server

Since 2006, Twitter has become the most popular microblogging Service. Being a centralized Service, Twitter encounters failures from time to time which makes the Service unavailable. Another issue concerns the publicity: Tweets are publicly available and can be read by everyone.
To overcome some of Twitter’s limitations, a private microblogging service should be implemented – using the StatusNet microblogging platform. The task for the Praktikum is to configure and setup such a platform and to write a simple plugin for the invocation of restful Web Services using Tweetflows. It’s possible to extend the Praktikum to a Bachelor Thesis by designing and implementing a distributed, hierarchical microblogging platform which consists of several “sub-microblog-channels” for communication purposes.

Tools to use:

PHP, StatusNet

Research Area:

Social Web,Microblogging


Martin Treiber

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