Well, at last I’ve had enough time to start blogging and I hope that I can continue this regularly. I was interested in difference between Appache CXF and AXIS. The following findings are the summary of my research on the Internet (Web pages and some blogs).

Both, Axis and CXF are Open source and easy to use web services framework and are availbale under the Apache License.


  1. CXF has better integration with Spring
  2. Much easier to use, faster got support for some WS-* extensions. (e.g., the older version of Axis doesn’t support WS-Policy.)
  3. CXF currently supports only JAXB and Aegis; support for XMLBeans, JiBX and Castor is planned for CXF 2.1.
  4. CXF pushes “standards based” API’s (JAX-WS compliant). For REST, CXF also uses standard API’s (JAX-RS compliant) instead of proprietary APIs.

AXIS 2.0

  1. Axis has more options for data bindings and is faster than CXF. It includes XMLBeans, JiBX, JaxMe and JaxBRI as well as its own native data binding, ADB.
  2. More ubiquitous on the marketplace, supports other languages like C/C++.
  3. Axis2 general moves toward proprietary APIs.

I will be happy of your comment and opinion on this topic.

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