DSG Student Quarterly

Students do a lot of work which is often shelved and then simply forgotten. To make use of the work of students, several initiatives exist. One interesting example is an initiative that publishes the work of students in Wikipedia. This project is backed by the Wikimedia Foundation and I believe that they will produce excellent content for Wikipedia.

We think that a similar publishing strategy can be applied to institutes at Vienna Technical University. The Distributed Systems Group (DSG) already introduced the DSGPB (Distributed Systems Group Praktika Blog) which has produced 130 entries during the last six months, 90 percent written by students that describe their work. Our next step is the creation of the DSG Quarterly, an App for the iPAD / Galaxy Tab which is updated four times a year and contains the collected work of our students that we supervise. We start the process in January when we bootstrap the work on the first issue. If all goes well, we can expect the first issue to be available around March – just in time for the begin of the new Semester. The topics will be centered around Web Technologies (specifically on crowdsourcing in the Web) and how they are applied in student projects which relate to the work of the DSG.

Your ikangai science team

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