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Implementing a QR Code Reader as Firefox Extension Part 4

This is the next update of my work from the past few days. Did you already look forward to it? Well, hopefully you are going to be satisfied with my last blog entry (or at I least my intended last one). I started to work on the functionality to parse different formats to interact with [...]

Twitter and Tweetflows in Action

We are experimenting with Tweetflows in a lecture setting with students. During the work on his/her project, students are invited to use Twitter for the communication with other students. This includes asking for related work, proofreading of blog entries or help on a particular coding problem. There is a public Twitter List which contains all [...]

Web Services Security

To make our Web services secure, we have to to know the associated threats. The top threats directed at Web services are: Unauthorized access Parameter manipulation Network eavesdropping Disclosure of configuration data Message replay To avoid attack or abuse of  vulnerabilities we can consider the following Standards in our implementation: XML Encryption (W3C): Message level [...]

Implementing a QR Code Reader as Firefox Extension Part 3

Hi there, once again it’s about time for an update on my work with the Firefox QR Code Reader Plugin. I did some research on how the syntax of actionscript3 looks like and with that information I started with the adaptation for my own QR Code Reader. After some implementation and testing, I successfully implemented [...]

Project Tokyo – Q·.:Launcher Videos

q·.:launcher approaches release candidate state –

Distributed Clipboard – kicked off

I started working on my second practical course, the distributed clipboard. Here is the project description. I started by creating a small firefox plugin which uses java classes but I couldn’t get it to work. I thought about the firefox plugin idea again and realized that it would be much more comfortable to have it [...]

Tweetflows @ WWW

WWW – Paper rejected:

Doodle, Twitter and the REST

Doodle and Twitter are terms which are well known nowadays. They are already embedded in our base vocabulary and because so many people are using them, there is always the need to create new applications for Smart phones, Tablets, web applications and so on. The good thing is that those platforms provide services which can [...]

Web services, things you should know – Part 2

Last time I talked about the “why and what”. This time I will talk about the “how”. As mentioned in the first part, the service is written in PHP 5.3 using SOAP 1.1. Defining the data Every correct Web service implementing the SOAP standard needs a WSDL (Web Service Definition Language). There are many ways [...]