Project Tokyo – Q·.:Launcher Videos

We, the developer team of project Tokyo, are happy to present the first video of the q.:launcher App for android devices. As shown in the video, we have implemented all requirements of the Apps and hope that this App makes your live a little bit easier. And as you can see, its running smoothly on Android devices and looks just as good as the iPhone App does.

q·.:launcher is our second Android App. The first one, q·.:card, went to release candidate status a few days ago. However, we are not completely satisfied yet, there are still things for us to work on both Apps. This includes fine tuning the performance where ever we can, improving the User Interface to maximize the usability for users and of course lots of testing to ensure correct behavior of the Apps. So far, everyone who tried the Apps was amazed. This gives us motivation boost to make the Apps as good as possible.

We also will work on a presentation of q.:card and q.:launcher at the Ase Day 2011 with a live demonstration of the Apps. This is an excellent opportunity for us to get feedback of an audience full of students and potential customers :-) .


Stefan R., Project Tokyo Team

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