Distributed Clipboard – Communication

Jmdns turned out not to be the mdns implementation to use. I tried a very early version (1.0) and version 3.4. The interfaces didn’t change and and the update was easy, just one constructor has been interchanged with a static factory method. But both versions showed bugs and unexpected behaviour.
3.4 is better but still doesn’t seem to be the right choice. So I reverted back to my homebrew multicast solution which already works perfectly and offers everything needed to discover application nodes in a network. It’s stable and shows great performance. Multicast is routable. As the naming suggests, mdns also utilizes multicast. So both implementations will be routable.

For distribution of data (links, files), a different communication channel will be used.  The information about where to connect will be distributed with the multicast service announcement. This seems alot cleaner, rather than just distributing everything via multicast.

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