Distributed Clipboard – GUI

The version increment from 0.0.2 to 0.0.3 brought alot new to the DistributedClipboard project. The earlier version of the GUI looked alot like an IM software. Altough it was a very early prototype it already showed tendencies in this direction.
In the meantime, Martin sent me a GUI-study document describing a different and more exotic approach. The idea of the new GUI was to only show a very small panel. When clicking on it alot of small panels would appear, one per online user. Dragging a file into the popup-panel would show a notification on the receivers side and transmit the data. I really liked the idea of having a different GUI so I immediately started implementing and here is how it looks now:

The design of the panels is not final, it’s more a proof of concept which already works pretty good. At startup only the topmost panel is shown which also shows the current status. Dragging a file over the panel will make another panel move (animated) out of the topmost. Dragging the file into the user-panel will transfer the file to the user. Hiding and showing the panel and exiting the application is done by using the tray icon.

The different panels are implemented as JFrames to allow this modular GUI design.

Since alot changed and the version goals have been met I decided to increment to version 0.0.3 and defined new goals for version 0.0.4:

  • Link transfer
  • Notifications
  • Panel design
  • Code cleanup, documentation and further testing
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