Agile Student Management with SCORE – how to manage students with agile methods, blogs and twitter – a first report

Building virtual (Super-)Computers – Building a virtual super computer with conventional mobile phones

Distributed Clipboard in Action

The work on the distributed clipboard is finished. You can boldly download the tool and try it for yourself. Or you can take a look at the video first and then download the latest build and give it a try.

Local Twitter registry to parse and register Tweetflows

Hey there, here is my first blog entry for a new practical course at the Distributed Systems Group. My project is about Twitter, with the main purpose to find an intelligent way to realize an artificial word-to-mouth propaganda with Tweetflows on Twitter. To illustrate the idea, let us assume that I am searching for someone [...]

Pocket Cloud Computing – Cloud Computing with mobile Devices. Can we build a mobile cloud?

Distributed Clipboard – Released

After the version goals of 0.0.4 have been reached, I knew that the invested time wasn’t wasted. In my opinion the GUI looks gorgeous and it’s probably the best I’ve ever (both) designed and implemented. Here is a screenshot of the first version 0.0.4 build: Alot changed as you can see. I redesigned the whole [...]