Local Twitter registry to parse and register Tweetflows

Hey there, here is my first blog entry for a new practical course at the Distributed Systems Group. My project is about Twitter, with the main purpose to find an intelligent way to realize an artificial word-to-mouth propaganda with Tweetflows on Twitter. To illustrate the idea, let us assume that I am searching for someone who is able to proofread this blog entry, how is it possible to do that with Twitter?

After some research and further communication with my mentor Martin, the best solution would be to create a local registry in order to save the parsed Tweetflows in there. The data model looks like this:

data model of the Tweetflow registry

Basically, it works as followed:
The user decides to publish a request* on Twitter with his demand. All followers of this user have the chance to discover that requests. At this time, they have two different options:
If the follower can provide the request on his own, that’s the prioritized possibility. In this case he just answers with an adequate Tweet* based on the request.
If the follower cannot provide the request, the whole request is going to be automatically stored into his local registry to be pending and once the user gets new information of an analogous Service, the former user gets informed.
If the follower can’t provide the request, he also has the possibility to spread the request by re-tweeting it. The result is that all followers of that follower also gets the notification of a service request.

Now with this back-end, I am going to create a Java library, which should be able to get integrated into android apps. My goal is to achieve a loose coupling, so that it is possible to use it on various Twitter apps.

At the moment I am reading some papers about Twitter and its possibilities, stay around for updates.

*Read this blog entry on how to use Tweetflows for publishing and discovering Services.

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