Where are the Services? Solving the mystery of undiscoverable Services

Finding Web Services all over the Internet – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/where-are-the-services-solving-the-mystery-of-undiscoverable-services

ikangai @PESOS @ICSE2011

Using Twitter for Presentations – An ikangai experiment in the PESOS workshop @ ICSE 2011 – http://www.ikangai.com/blog/science/ikangai-pesos-icse2011

Applying custom configurations to twitter4j

I first made use of the ConfigurationBuilder, which looked quite obvious to me to apply new configuration values. These values are used by the twitter instance as expected, but when creating the RequestToken still the default twitter URL was created, as the configuration of the ConfigurationBuilder wasn’t propagated. After searching a while I found out [...]

Parsing XML resources on Android

As I already wrote in the previous post, I’m using the twitter4j library to connect to microblogging services like twitter. It’s shipped with a default configuration for the twitter network. The first tests, like sending and querying tweets, I performed while connected to the twitter network, which worked fine. Then I started to setup the [...]

Hong Kong customs and Zacchaeus’ heirs

This blog is starting to evoke feelings of an unimaginable vast, bleak, all-devouring emptiness. Could the needed remedy be provided in form of a long blog post? Let us try… but beware: non-technical content ahead. Do not read if you think your time is precious or if topics like global shipping and juicy details about [...]

“Simple” XML serialization

For our project, the graphical Tweetflow editor for Android, we also wanted to implement the functionality to save created Tweetflows and reopen them later. Therefore we had to find a possibility to save our plain old Java object (POJOs) on the devices storage or in a database and to recreate them afterwards. After some research [...]