Public Paper Writing Discussions – public paper writing and some of its implications

Public Paper Writing Process Details – How to actually write a scientific paper in the “wild”?

What is SOAF?

SOAF stands for “Service of a Friend” is an extending of FOAF (Friend of a friend) in area of IoS (Internet of Services).It is just a short introduction and the main idea discussed in the following paper: SOAF – Design and Implementation of a Service-Enriched Social Network According to Wikipedia’s definition FOAF is a machine-readable [...]

Tracing the Scientific Paper Writing Process – Covering Public Paper Writing in greater detail. It’s going to be an interesting ikangai experiment ;-)

Public Paper Writing – An experiment with Public Paper Writing: my next paper on cloud computing will be written on this blog.

Transforming lazy Students to hard-working Students with Copy and Paste

How to teach students to properly copy and paste –

Running Linux on an iPhone – Running Linux on an iPhone without Jailbreaking your iPhone – a bit awkward, but it works :-)

State pattern for TweetFlowEditor

The following should show with which problems through user input complexity we had to fight and how the state patter became something like a solution for it. First of all it is important to explain how to react to user interactions. A user has 3 possibilities in the GUI itself: put finger on the touch-pad [...]

Quick Start With StatusNet

In this blog entry I want to talk about the StatusNet server and how you can write plugins for it. In my practical work for the DSG I used StatusNet to write a basic Tweetflow Engine (specification) which handles variables and offers a restful interface. StatusNet is an open source application written in PHP which [...]


The art of immersion and mobile phones –