Running Linux on an iPhone

Running Linux on an iPhone is very simple these days. Just open your mobile Safari and go to this Web Page.

As soon as you enter the page, a PC emulator (written in Javascript) is started, a small version of Linux is booted and you are able to enter shell commands like rm, mkdir or ls. There is even a C compiler available, so you can write C programs (with vi – of course :-) ) and execute your programs there. However, the input is not really comfortable: there is an input box on the right upper corner where you can enter text. It works, but not extremely well. However, according to the authors the goal of this project was to do this out of curiosity.

Here some Screenshots of Linux booting on my iPhone:

Lots of things going on during the boot process…

…Hurray! Up and running.

Lets enter some basic commands and see what is available in the filesystem…

And of COURSE, there is ALWAYS a vi… I found it amazing, that I still know the basic commands, after not using this tool for several years. It like riding a bike: you never really forget how to do this :-) .

There are of all kind of interesting (crazy :-) ) applications for this: building a web based with these emulators could and running them on a cloud (a kind of recursive cloud) could be one application for this.

your ikangai science team

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