Building Bridges for a People’s People Internet – building a social enhanced link system for the Web

SAC Paper – Introduction – Creating ad hoc and personal Service compositions in a mobile context.

Natural Language with Tweetflows – Creating natural sentences from Tweetflows

StatusNetAndroid Screen Cast

Some months ago I started with my “Praktikum” named StatusNetAndroid. Therefore I had to get familiarized with Android App development and the RESTful-APIs of twitter respectively twitter-like services (,, There are lots of tutorials and code snippets out there, but the tiny parts to glue them all together can cost you hours But [...]

Mobile social mashup creation – for what

Next to the blog from Martin which specifies a concrete usecase, I want to show what it is good for from a more abstact view. The first question I asked myself was, what for is a Mobile social mashup creation good. What can be done with it, what you can’t do with other systems. Where [...]

Persisting Tweetflows

As the parsed Tweetflows should be accessible for further processing by other Android apps, I persist them in the Android SQLight database. A lot of attributes are needed to be general enough to save all the different types of requests. The last four attributes are needed to save the ordering of closed sequences. One has [...]

Parsing Tweetflows from Tweets

As the most important part of my project is to filter Tweetflows from tweets I’ll explain the parsing process next. I implemented against the Tweetflows Specification – Version 1.0 which gives a good overview over the different request types. The most general string pattern to extract the whole request text of all the different request [...]

Accessing twitter-like services via OAuth

After playing around with the twitter4j library to get it to work with my own network configuration (e.g. mentioned in an earlier post I ended up in searching for another solution, as twitter4j cost me already too much time. After some research I found a great “tutorial” on, where the REST API is [...]

Android Action Bar widget

Since Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) with API Level 11, a built in Action Bar widget for better navigation is provided which implements the Action Bar pattern. As the Samsung Galaxy Tab uses Android 2.2 with API Level 8, I had to search for another solution. I found the Action Bar for Android project on github, implementing [...]

Android Screencast

As I want to take some screen shots and screen casts of my Android app I was searching for an appropriate tool for doing this. The ShootMe Screen Grabber seems good to me, only the frame rate of the captured video could be a bit higher. Another tool I found is the desktop application androidscreencast [...]