Persisting Tweetflows

As the parsed Tweetflows should be accessible for further processing by other Android apps, I persist them in the Android SQLight database. A lot of attributes are needed to be general enough to save all the different types of requests. The last four attributes are needed to save the ordering of closed sequences. One has [...]

Parsing Tweetflows from Tweets

As the most important part of my project is to filter Tweetflows from tweets I’ll explain the parsing process next. I implemented against the Tweetflows Specification – Version 1.0 which gives a good overview over the different request types. The most general string pattern to extract the whole request text of all the different request [...]

Accessing twitter-like services via OAuth

After playing around with the twitter4j library to get it to work with my own network configuration (e.g. mentioned in an earlier post I ended up in searching for another solution, as twitter4j cost me already too much time. After some research I found a great “tutorial” on, where the REST API is [...]