SAC Paper – Introduction

Service compositions are one of the key concepts of Service Oriented Computing (SOA). The SOA standard Stack (WS-*) facilitates the reuse and interoperability of Services across company boundaries. Today, there is a large number of languages and tools available that targets the composition of Services out of already existing ones. Languages like BPEL, YAWL and tools like JOpera, Active BPEL Designer support the creation of composite SOA Services to create value added Services.

More recently, Service mashups build of Restful Services were proposed as alternative to the SOA stack, because the of the perceived complexity of the WS-* stack. Restful Service compositions (Bite, et al) are considered as means for technical unexperienced users to create Service compositions, without having to understand Service concepts like WDSL or SOAP. Generally speaking, Service compositions move from an enterprise setting with complex standards and tooling towards a more end user driven, lightweight setting.

By following this development, we consider composing Services in an mobile environment as a potential next step. As we move the creation of Service compositions into the mobile domain, we also change the character of Service compositions. In a mobile Service (composition) environment, we do not target complex, long running Service compositions. Instead, we aim for the creation of ad hoc and personal Service compositions which are created and executed spontaneously. By emphasizing the personal aspect of Service compositions, we implicitly take their social aspect into account: personal Service compositions are created in a social context of the Service composer. For instance, a user decides to go out with friends to have dinner, to watch a movie and to a bar for cocktails. This requires to coordinate the users friends according their availability, their restaurant recommendations and their movie taste. Furthermore, the ad hoc creation of a Service composition implicitly adds several additional context dimensions to the Service composition: attributes like location of the Service composer, time, language are available and can be included in the Service composition.

your ikangai science Team

The current version of the paper can be found here. The paper is work in progress and will be updated in the next weeks in the process of writing a scientific paper in the public.

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