Amazon Mechanical Turk Experience

We experimented with Amazon Mechanical Turk and created a Human Intelligence Task (HIT). We asked to download our new App iPICu and to give us feedback for the App. We paid each worker 1 US Dollar. So far, We received three comments for our App, with different quality. The first lesson we learned is that the workers had different expectations when they tested the App:

Worker 1:

iPICu has a great potential provided that the user interface is easy to use. I for one had a hard time figuring out how to upload my profile photo and share pictures to my friend. Once I selected a photo to upload, it tells me that I selected nobody from my friend’s list to share with, but when I tried to select someone to share with, the fields are disabled. It’s frustrating. The app is not user-friendly. I hate to say this but you need to improve more of the user interface to entice more user of this app. The concept is good though, and I hate to see this go down the drain if you will not improve the user interface dramatically. Good luck with app.

Worker 2:

I enjoy this app and how I can upload unlimited amounts of quality pictures to share! However, only one of my friend has it so far, so I suggest a promotion for this app. The offline mode is quite nice, however of little use to me since I have an unlimited data contract on my iPhone.

Worker 3:

I downloaded the app, but it wouldn’t let me get past the profile picture…

your ikangai team

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