Bootstrapping Scientific Collaboration – Fostering the collaboration at university with simple means: blogging and twitter

Making Twitter Secure – encrypting Tweets with private/public key systems

Context and Tweetflows – Integrating context into Tweetflows with Namespaces

ASCII Art Bar Codes – thoughts on ascii art inspired barcodes

Q and A – ? and ! – Questions and Answers in Tweetflows. How “!” and “?” can be used for Service publication and Service requests.

Distributed Clipboard – file sharing components

Hey again! Since I used my last post to show you the difficulties I experienced during implementing Drag&Drop in combination with JavaFX 2.0, I today want to introduce my file sharing components. After a DropEvent is registered on the GUI (see last post), a new thread responsible for transferring the dropped files is launched. Creating [...]

Tweetflow Natural Language Generation

Hi, My Praktikums-Topic is about creating an Android client for generating natural sentences out of Tweetflows. As you might have read already, Tweetflows are used to create mobile workflows. Tweetflows should be useable by humans, but actually they have a quite technical syntax. If you are not familiar with it and may have not a [...]

Distributed Clipboard – JavaFX and Drag&Drop

Hey again! Although i promised to publish my third blog entry already the week before, I have to admit that I wasn´t able to write about my filesharing and chat components as announced, because I ran into some serious problems the last 2 weeks, regarding the further implementation of the GUI. The main aim of [...]