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In our last blog post, we discussed the use of +1 in Tweetflows to indicate a recommendation. Now, we are pursuing this idea further by extending the Tweetflow syntax with two additional syntax modifications. We think of representing a Service request(SR) by simply using a question mark. In a similar manner, the publication of a Service (SP) is represented with a exclamation mark. The reasoning behind this is that a Service request is basically a question like Can someone provide me with a Service?. The publication of Service can be regarded as answer to a Service request which was sent to an “audience” (i.e., Twitter followers): Hey, here I am! I can help you with that.
The two examples below show how we intend to use the syntax. The first command represents a Service request to proofread a blogentry:

? @joahnnes2112 proofread.Blogentry http://www.ikangai.com/blog

The second command indicated the completion of the task:

! @ikangai didProofread.Blogentry http://www.ikangai.com/blog

It is worth noting that the exclamation mark can be used to represent the Tweetflow logging syntax (LG) as well.

We will continue our assessment of Tweetflow commands and will look for additional syntax modifications that can help making the syntax more concise and useable.

your ikangai science Team

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