Context and Tweetflows

A master student of mine – Michael Jaros – had an excellent idea how to integrate context information into Tweetflows. Simply by adding a prefix to a Tweetflow command we can easily add arbitrary context information. For example, it is possible to add worker qualifications (similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk) to Service requests:

? {level=native speaker, language=english}:proofread.blogEntry

A different way to look at this kind of language extension is to regard the prefix as namespace. This, however, requires that the namespace is declared “somewhere”. For example, it can be done like this:

? bquali{level=native speaker, language=english}:proofread.blogEntry

Each Tweet after the previous one, could use the namespace bquali without having to define it:

? bquali:proofread.blogArticle

Another interesting possibility is to create nested namespaces, which provide for a stepwise refinement:

? bquali.cs{subject=computer science, level=phd}:proofread.blogArticle

We are going to continue our work in this area and will rework the Tweetflow specification in the next weeks.

your ikangai science team

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