Tweetflow NLG – Progress

Hi guys.

I just want to blog some progress i have made. I have now implemented some kind of a game for translating the Tweetflows. For the game you have to fill in the correct article for the service and translate every single attribute given as inputdata. The game part ist that the keyboard which is used randomizes its input keys every time one is pressed, as mentioined in the Score 13 meeting. The buttons differ from each other and each one allways looks the same. For example an „a“ is a blue circle. So you can train to get faster.

But actually, during my testing, it turned out to be quite annoying :D .

Other game ideas i have had, had all in common that you have to „collect“ the letters you want to use. For example in some jump’n'run game like in Donkey Kong Country where you had to collect the „KONG“ letters to get extra points. Implementing such a game would be an own project, but I wanted to get some proof of concept running in my practical lab.

If humans play games, its only a question of time when someone tries to cheat. In a game with a purpose its essential to prevent any cheating, otherwhise the whole game looses its signification. To prevent people from entering a wrong translation, the translation is only persisted if several people have entered the same one. Additionally the people are given known translations to enter so I can test if they are honest, or just try to earn points easily. Hence every person has some trustworthyness value. This value can be used to check how high the probalility is, that the persons update is a valid translation. In the case that some wrong translation achieved it to get persisted to the dictionary, several updates from persons with a high trustworthyness value can correct the wrong translation.

At the moment, I can persist the translated attributes in an local SQLite database, from which the dictionary is backed. Hence the lokal update process is finished.

My next step is implementing the central dictionary which will be realized by a GAE application. After that, the only thing remains will be polishing the UI :) .


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