Mobile Registry Implementation

The goal of the Internship/Bachelor Thesis is to implement a Service Registry Java Library for the Android Platform. A Registry provides features to bind Services to arbitrary service requests. In the context of mobile platforms like Android, a Service request is simply asking the user to start an App that is able to handle the [...]

DSG Quarterly Galaxy Tab Client

The goal of the Praktikum is the implementation of a reader that is able to display the content of the DSG Quarterly (currently in develoment). The hardware is available – for the time of the Praktikum you can borrow a brand new Galaxy Tab from the Distributed Systems Group. Tools to use: Galaxy Tab, Android [...]

DSG Student Quarterly

Distributed Systems Quarterly –

Mobile Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is an active research area in distributed computing. The goal of the Praktikum/Bachelor Thesis is to implement a mobile Twitter client with the support of Tweetflows on Android platform or iOS. The hardware is available – for the time of the Praktikum/Bachelor Thesis you can borrow a brand new Galaxy Tab or a iPAD [...]

Private Microblogging Server

Since 2006, Twitter has become the most popular microblogging Service. Being a centralized Service, Twitter encounters failures from time to time which makes the Service unavailable. Another issue concerns the publicity: Tweets are publicly available and can be read by everyone. To overcome some of Twitter’s limitations, a private microblogging service should be implemented – [...]

Extending Restful Services

Restful service implementations are a lightweight alternative to Service that implement the SOAP stack. The former use CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on resources. However, the mapping between Service operations to GET, POST, PUT, DELETE is not always clear. In particular, idempotent operations (e.g., calculating the square root of a value) are not well [...]

Doodle @ Twitter

The integration of the doodle Restful API into Twitter is the goal of the Praktikum. Users should be able to create doodle polls by simply Tweeting a a request for the creation of a doodle poll: SR #service doodle.create hashtags After the poll was created, the result should be posted follows: RE @#service:doodle.create url hashtags [...]

ASE – Kickoff Meeting

ASE – Joined ikangai/university/student project: port of ikangai Apps q·.:Card ( and q·.:Launcher (

Writing Scientific Papers

Successful ICSE 2011 paper submission of ikangai :-) . Our Apps q·.:Launcher and q·.:Card are now part of a scientific paper :-) .


Creation of a Web Tool for the Creation of SOAF profiles.