Tweetflow NLG – Progress

Hi guys. I just want to blog some progress i have made. I have now implemented some kind of a game for translating the Tweetflows. For the game you have to fill in the correct article for the service and translate every single attribute given as inputdata. The game part ist that the keyboard which [...]

Bootstrapping Scientific Collaboration – Fostering the collaboration at university with simple means: blogging and twitter

Tweetflow Natural Language Generation

Hi, My Praktikums-Topic is about creating an Android client for generating natural sentences out of Tweetflows. As you might have read already, Tweetflows are used to create mobile workflows. Tweetflows should be useable by humans, but actually they have a quite technical syntax. If you are not familiar with it and may have not a [...]

Distributed Clipboard: Startup

Hi all together! This is my first blog entry about my Bachelor Thesis/Praktikum Distributed Clipboard. I´ve already started to implement a rudimentary GUI, and some logic to meet the project´s requirements. In this blogentry I would like to give you a short introduction of my plans. Since I wanted to try something new regarding GUI programming, [...]

What is SOAF?

SOAF stands for “Service of a Friend” is an extending of FOAF (Friend of a friend) in area of IoS (Internet of Services).It is just a short introduction and the main idea discussed in the following paper: SOAF – Design and Implementation of a Service-Enriched Social Network According to Wikipedia’s definition FOAF is a machine-readable [...]

Twitter and Tweetflows in Action

We are experimenting with Tweetflows in a lecture setting with students. During the work on his/her project, students are invited to use Twitter for the communication with other students. This includes asking for related work, proofreading of blog entries or help on a particular coding problem. There is a public Twitter List which contains all [...]

Concours Eurovision de la Chanson

Concours Eurovision de la Chanson – q·.:Launcher competition

Apple all over again

Caught in the Apple Black Hole Review Cycle again.

Feedback of a different kind

Encouraging iSENDu feedback from Pusaku

Angry Apples?

Self censorship?